Fighting Cancer Thro' the Integration of the Person- Body, Mind & Spirit - PNEUMO PSYCHOSOMATIC. "THE PHILOSOPHY OF CANCER IS SATANIC" says Dr.WILLIAM STANDISH REED,M.D.,  

"COMMUNITY   OF   RISEN   CHRIST"..................

                 The organisation is named as a symbolic entity  of our concept   Man - Body, Mind & Spirit.

                 Every man can reach the Christ consciousness when his body performs as a community of purified thoughts liberalised from the evil bonds of hatred, fear, guilt, anxiety, inferiority complex and so on  with the help of spiritual faith, his Spirit rises to its origin, Our Father.

              ( 1 Cor- 6:19,  15:44 )

                 Such soul is free from all evils and the organisation is progressing towards the goal of creating a community of liberated souls free from all social & personal disasters,

                 specially the diseases of the civilized man......  Cancer, Stroke, HIV, Cardiac problems etc,   concentrating more on CANCER. 

OUR LOGO..............

                 Symbolising  "THE JONAH", who spent three days and three nights inside the  whale's belly  to realize the God's mercy over the human kind, whatsoever be the deed, as our will change towards the Almighty.

          ( Mathew -  12:39,40,41)

THE  TEAM..............

                 An extremely high spirited flock of volunteers makes the TEAM, which untiringly working towards the goal.

                 Just as Rome was not built in a day, this mission was not realized overnight. For over twenty-two years, through continous bi-annual awareness camps, regularly held in May and December, now counting forty-eight, this day's collabrators and participants have been formed, trained and shaped. Men and women all over from Tamilnadu, South India have been attending these camps, wherein each time the attendance would be more than hundred. Periodical, coherent and convincing training sessions in those camps have successfully brought over attitudinal transformations.

                 Also, a professionally qualified Doctor along with handfull of qualified nurses accompanied by few specialists in the field are volunteering their services in the TEAM.

                 Thus this mission now possesses a solid and strongly committed army of like-minded persons, who share the philosophy and methodology of the founder trainer viz., Rev.Fr.John.M.Valdaris.

                 These awareness programmes through these biannual camps, with local contributions and subscriptions of participants, is scheduled to continue.


     *         The founder of this unique organisation is our eminent  leader, scholar, trainer  Rev.Fr.JOHN.M.VALDARIS.

     *         On his 41st year of Catholic Priesthood in the service of JesusChrist.

     *          A writer par excellence who had authored more than 175 books on Psychology, Theology and Spirituality, of these the last 75 books have been on "The Spirituality of Our Lord's Prayer".

     *          He had pioneered the charismatic movement in Tamil Nadu of South India in the year 1973.

     *          His creativity  does not stop with books alone, he had written atleast  a 1000 Hymns on this Spirituality.

     *          He had been continuosly affecting thousands of lives by  Liberating them from the bondages of both external and internal evil.   

     *          To inculcate in these massess a will to live experientially "The Spirituality of Our Lord's Prayer" has been his endeavour and moving force of his life.

     *          Thereby  "Deliverence from Both Internal and External Evil" is his vocation.

     *          Through his training camps (Bi-Annual) he had developed leaders with Good Leadership qualities, lively preachers and empathetic counsellors in different parts of Tamilnadu.

     *          By his Tuesday visits to St.Mary's Co-Cathedral, chennai -he is offering succour and hope to hundreds who throng to relieve their sufferings through his healing and counselling services.

     *         The thousands who had received healing over the years are living as testimony for the work of the spirit through him.

     *         The hundreds of collaborators who had been initiated in "The Spirituality of Our Lord's Prayer" through him, are standing testimony to his indomitable Spirit and insatiable zest to reach out to the needy and the afflicted.

MISSION  &  VISION.........

               MISSION : Essentially human mind has its own basic needs, such as love, respect, acceptance, security, and also its maladies such as fear, hate, inferiority complex, guilt and anxiety.

               If needs are not met, dissappointment overwhelms, leading to sickness. When a person is sickened, he or she requires authentic counselling and effective cure. One cannot stand witnessing a suffering. He/She requires to cross the line and endeavour to undertake responsibility, not counting costs.

              This is more pronounced with respect to the modern man- the civilised person, whose acute problems is caused by cancer, heart problems, stroke, AIDS.   

              Our Mission is to serve this civilised modern man, when or if  struck.

               Our modus operandi is direct, personal, simple-approach in person-to-person reach.

               Through series of regular, bi-annual camp-type seminars, we create awareness, to introspect personally.

               We create awareness, encourage self-excercises through personal seminars.

               We train up our volunteers, who undertake to carry on this service, in their own proximate domain, as and when they encounter patients.

               Thus this mission visualises its own continuity, self-realisation and actualisations of our aims. We dwell deep into diagnosing, identifying and administering remedies to the  Pneumo-Psycho-Somatic causes of the problems of the modern civilised person.

               Also to construct a permanent centre to treat the patients in a wholesome manner with accommodation and ensure a total cure.

               VISION :   Proceeding towards an evil free society, which is enlightened  through elevating the individual self-consciousness to God-consiousness.


               Our organisation known by the name and style of "COMMUNITY OF RISEN CHRIST", is duly registered on 6th Feb., 1999,  with the government of India, as a Society, under Indian Societies Act-1957, the regn no. being  62/99. 

               We have secured FCRA, bearing a regn no. 075901042, for securing funds from abroad.

               We generate funds purely on donations by the  kind hearted donors within and outside the country. The entire donations are used absolutely for the construction of the ongoing project alone.

               The funds generated and spent are properly audited by competent authorities annually.

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