Fighting Cancer Thro' the Integration of the Person- Body, Mind & Spirit - PNEUMO PSYCHOSOMATIC. "THE PHILOSOPHY OF CANCER IS SATANIC" says Dr.WILLIAM STANDISH REED,M.D.,  



            While dozens of Medicine are thus confused over the cause for cancer, they define a pre-cancerous lesion as a morphologically altered tissue in which cancer is likely to develop.

             Whereas medical treatment is a post factum study and remedy, psychology scouts into the emotional factor that energised the happening to happen.

             Here comes the existing theory of 'Psychosomatic Therapy' (psyche=mind, soma=body), which theorises that there are psychological and emotional factors involved in both the onset and healing of cancer and other  diseases.

         (Ref:Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer, The German New Medicine)

              As we human, are born creatures of need, we  as infants, need to be loved, cared, accepted, given due respect for the feelings expressed and to be taken care of the safety and security of the mere existence.

               Even as adults we are in need of these basic feelings to be catered positively, failing which leads to a depression to the amount of shortfall, and thus leads to disturbance in the physical organs, exhibited as diseases.

             Some of the very common illnesses we come across in our day-to-day life are :

          -  common headaches propped out of tension due to unsolved problems, anxiety, boredem etc.,

          -  stomach upsets before final exams/ interviews  due to anticipation, fear & anxiety.

          -   high blood pressure levels  after  a traumatic experience to self or the loved ones.

           We think, up to this level, right from the lay man to the renowned physiologists and psychiatrists will accept the theory.

            However, due to these shortfall in needs being fulfilled, dissappointment overwhelms and it may turnover to create negative emotions such as fear, hatred, anxiety, guilt and inferiority complex. And these negative emotions may create a very deep hurt in our ego or self-consciousness leading to major auto-immune diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, stroke and heart troubles.


             Generally speaking, the concept of human life  is  mere existence. This existence is experienced by the relationship maintained with the co-existing lives. This is termed as  TO BE  IS  TO BE RELATED.  And, health is healthy relationship while, the disease is unhealthy relationship. Going into the broader aspect of this theory can be classified into five types of relationships.

           (i) Relationship with oneself :-  Self - acceptance is the basis of human life. Only if we can accept, love and respect one's ownself we feel the secure existence of our self. One who cannot accept thyself cannot accept others. This acceptance is based on the childhood experiences, in which a child starts to build its own personality on the acceptance or rejection it faces from its mother. Unconditional love from the mother makes the child to feel the love, acceptance, respect and security. However, the conditions and expectations imposed over the child from its mother and other family members, frustrates the child and results in many behavioural and personality disorders.

           (ii) Relationship with others :-  As we are social animals we have to co-exist with our fellow human beings otherwise with our family in the nucleus level. To exist in harmony the relationship with others has to be maintained harmoniously. Loving others is basically accepting others. Mutual non-acceptances, disrespect to fellow beings, may result in core negative emotions such as hatred, inferiority complex etc.,

           (iii) Relationship with life :-  Both the above two relationships determines the energy of this relationship with his/her own life. If a person is satisfied with his own personality and with the way he is related to others then, he do have a positive perspective over life. He leads a controlled and contented life. He is away from the immoral aspects and do follow the spiritual path whatever is his faith. If otherwise he is dragged towards the emotional outbursts which leads to a sinful uncontrolled lifestyle and ends with life full of sorrow.

           (iv) Relationship with God :-  If one cannot accept his fellow human beings unconditionally, then he cannot have a loyal relationship with the God. Love is God. This is universaly accepted. The religious aspect of this phrase is deeply discussed separately. However, one who has true faith in God accepts life as it is, and thus  disagreement with anything does not exists. But in contrary, if materialistic life becomes the ultimatum, then the person falls prey to the illusion (Maya or Satan) and loses the control over his life.

            (v) Relationship with world :- This can be interpreted as the man's evaluation over his spiritual and material aspects of life. No worldly possession can match the infinite mercy of the God. But  the improper assessment of these values leads to the final disaster.

            And  these relationships defines the wholeness in life and can be attained only with the fulfilment of positive emotions such as love, acceptance, respect and security.


              Life is Relationship ; Relationship is based on the Personality; Personality is build over the Contented mind; Contentment comes from the fulfilment of 4 basic needs/ emotions - love, acceptance, respect and security.

              These needs are common to all and to be met right from the conception in the womb. The unborn baby (fetus) can feel and imbibe the maternal thoughts flawlessly. These imprints determines the character of the child. Even after the birth, these basic needs, play a major role in weaving the personality and behaviour of the person.

              On analysing these factors in depth, we may find that any shortfall or misinterpretation in accomplishing the basic needs, leads to a disintegrated personality and behavioural problems, due to the incorporation of the negative traits of basic emotions such as fear, hatred, inferiority complex, guilt and anxiety.

              "LOVE"  -  This is the very basic and collective feel of all emotions.  One who have not being loved can never love others. To be loved is to be taken care of (a feel of SECURITY). Accepting the child/person as they are is true love (a feel of ACCEPTANCE). When the child is loved its needs, wishes are met with by the parents( a feel of SELF-RESPECT).

                 But if the child feels the rejection or expectations, if conditions imposed, its security is questioned and FEAR develops. HATRED is formed over the reasons/persons who caused the fear. This results in GUILT conscious. Out of which personality dimnishes and not able to cope up with the expectations of others. This in turn develops the INFERIORITY COMPLEX. All the above negative emotions bundled together and results in ANXIETY. The root-cause of all psycho-somatic diseases.  

                 Pathological anxiety results in stress and stress related diseases. Chronic stress is the main psychological reason for the major diseases such as cancer, stroke etc.,


              Stage - 1.....

                         Want of love, acceptance, security and respect results in 5 core negative emotions, fear, hatred, inferiority complex, guilt and anxiety. These uncontrolled emotions results in psychological stress.

              Stage - 2.....

                          Chronic stress leads to despair and depression.

              Stage - 3......

                          The visceral brain (Limbic system), an anterior part of the brain records this depression and the data is transmitted through the lower part of the brain.

               Stage - 4......

                           Responding to the data transferred the brain controls the immune system of the body and next controls the pituitary glands which decides the metabolic  rate of the body.

                Stage - 5......

                            As the immune system is affected it withdraws its role against the development of cancerous cells. Also the  suppressed pituitary glands has its own effect on the endocrine system of the body and thus results in harmone imbalance.

                Stage - 6......

                              At this stage the natural immune system is totally suppressed. Secondly, the harmone imbalance in the body initiates the formation of abnormal cells.

                Stage - 7........

                              Here it is ........... THE CANCER.

 A reference table comparing the existing therapy of treating cancer with our 'NEW HEALING THERAPY'        

The Ten Principles of the Simonton Cancer Program. The Ten Manthras of our 'New Healing Therapy'.
1.Our emotions significantly influence health & recovery from disease(including cancer). Emotions are strong driving force in the immune system & other healing systems. I. To be is to be related. Life is relationship. Health is healthy relationships.
2.Our beliefs and attitudes influence our emotions thereby affecting our health and healing system. II. Man has five relationships.  *With Oneself *With Others     *With Life       * With God  *With the world. 
3.We can significantly influence our beliefs, attitudes. As a result we shape our emotions, and therefore, signficantly influence our health. III. The ability to relate is based on  *Love  *Acceptance    *Security     *Respect.
4.Ways of influencing beliefs attitudes and emotions can be readily taught and learned by using a vaiety of accessible methods that are presented in this program. IV. Man is triune =  Body+Mind+Spirit
5. All of us function as physical, mental, social and spiritual/ philosophical beings. These aspects need to be addressed in the broad context of healing, with a focus on the particular needs of a person who is ill, and that person's family, community and culture. V.Inner harmony between body, mind and spirit of man is central to the health and wholeness of man.
6. Harmony is central to health - balance among the physical, mental, social and spiritual/ philosophical  aspects of being. This extends to relationships with self, family, friends, community, planet and universe. VI. Want of Love, Acceptance, Security and respect causes the following five evils.    *Fear  *Hatred  *Inferiority Complex  *Guilt  *Anxiety.
7. We have inherent (genetic, instinctual) tendencies and abilities that aid  us in moving in the direction of health and harmony (Physical, mental, social and spiritual/ philosophical ). VII. These 5 core emotions influence enormously our health and recovery from disease (including cancer).
8. These abilities can be developed and implemented in meaningful ways through existing  techniques and methods that are presented in this program.  VIII. We can substantially change our emotions, attitudes and mind sets through faith, intuitions and reasonableness.
9. As these abilities are developed, profeciency evolves, as when learning other skills. The  results is greater harmony and improved quality of life, which significantly impacts one's state of health. IX. Ways and means of influencing our beliefs, attitudes and mind sets can be learned by making use of variety of Meditative methods.
10. These skills and insights also change our relationship with death lessening our fear and pain and freeing more energy for getting well and living life more fully today.                   Dr.O.Carl Simonton. X. In "Counselling and Cancer Care Centre" we also teach "Christ Prayer Yoga" to the patients.    - Rev.Fr.John.M.Valdaris.

                 As we have found the origin of the disease effectively, the actual part of the therapy , the healing and its principles are dicussed under the topic 'HEALING PRINCIPLES'.   

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