Fighting Cancer Thro' the Integration of the Person- Body, Mind & Spirit - PNEUMO PSYCHOSOMATIC. "THE PHILOSOPHY OF CANCER IS SATANIC" says Dr.WILLIAM STANDISH REED,M.D.,  

The Primary Goal........

                The mission of  creating an evil free and spiritually enlightened society,which is continously emanating love, towards thyself, family, society and towards The God, needs to be headed parallely in two ways.

                The Primary and main goal is to create an able work force, with well trained, self-sustained and empathetic counsellors to run the organisation forever and reach its goals.

Need for the cause.......

                 In spite of thousand of studies going on all over the world, the exact or precise cause of cancer are not discovered; and as the cause is not known, no definite therapy has been found to treat cancer.

                 A very few case studies are detailed below to know about the spread over of the disease in the main target area, i.e. TamilNadu in India.

                 Case (i) : Periya pattinam a village, totally Muslim population, occupation fishing, is situated near ThiruPullani, Ramnad District, TamilNadu state, India. In the year 2007 alone upto 15th March, 25 have died of cancer, in the last two years, more than 100. (Source : , 2007 March 11-14 issue).

                 Case (ii) : Cervical cancer has emerged as one of the most common malignancies among women in India. In India Chennai has the highest incidence of cancer with 43 women detected in every lakh.  (Source : Deccan Chronicle/Chennai/ 21 Mar 2007/p-4,daily)

                 Case (iii) : Equivalent incidence, as per the Report of cancer Institute, as per the Report of cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai for 2001 -2002, Females, reads as follows:

           C-51 vulva  0.34%,                    C-52 vagina  1.52%

           C-53 cervix uteri 32.17%          C-54 corpus uteri 1.54%

            Total patients treated 5601.

                  As the  above studies reveal the actual condition, the awareness, detection and therapy has to reach the roots of society, the villages. To ensure this our TEAM trained specially for the purpose,  carry on the service in their own proximate domain, as and when they encounter patients.

Trainings involved.........

                 A series of regular bi-annual camp type training seminars are being held since 1984, every May & December. Like-minded persons purely on volunteer basis attend these seminars numbering not less than hundred. All the participants share the entire expenses  met with, on their own interest.

                Also  monthly training camps are held at Chennai to strengthen the process.

                The training camps are aptly aided with necessary theory and practical sessions. Participants are provided with ample of material input. 

                However, The Organisation, if supported with permanent financial base and support, more & more of such trainings may be held to execute the service more effectively,  without burdening the volunteers.

The Secondary Goal ...........

              In order to utilise the service of the TEAM  effectively, a permanent  counselling centre is functioning with all the facilities required  to inhabitate the patients as well as the medical team.

              This ensures and enhances the reachability of our primary goal.

                To know more about the project and its progress,

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