Fighting Cancer Thro' the Integration of the Person- Body, Mind & Spirit - PNEUMO PSYCHOSOMATIC. "THE PHILOSOPHY OF CANCER IS SATANIC" says Dr.WILLIAM STANDISH REED,M.D.,  


E  +  E  +  E  =  CANCER

First 'E'           =     Emotion                                        

Second 'E'      =     Energy

Third 'E'          =     Empowerment (Embodiment)

         These three Es  are negative.


Man :   Body, mind  and spirit


                      "Surgery of Soul"

                         - Dr.William Standish Reed, M.D.,

-   Life is relationship  -    To be is to be related

-   Man's  relationships

-   To relate harmoniously man needs

     *Love  *Acceptance  *Security  *Respect

-   When found wanting man develops core negative energies

      *Fear  *Hate  *Guilt  *Inferiority complex  *Anxiety

 1."A,B,C Explanation :  Chain of our Emotions"

    " A. Activating life event/ circumstance.

    " B. Your belief about this life event/ circumstance.

    " C. Your emotional reaction or response -Hans Selye.

 2.Emotion -idea - attitude connection.

 3.Core Negative emotions and stress.

 4.Freezing  - fight - or -flight situation.

 5.EGO - self disharmony

 6.Negative Personality.

 7.Repression Complexes

             Entrophy from catabolic to anabolic

 Downward Tendency

             Negative attitudes, emotions and Behaviours,

             Become aware of :


             Old attitude :  " I can't get well "


              Become aware of and express any emotional pain, anger or fear you have (so that you are available to feel pleasure and excitement in the present about getting well)


               Begin to change behaviours that reflect your being sick and bring in a hopeless situation  by Simonton Creighton in "Getting Well Again"

         1.   King Saul of O.T and his negative empowerment  -  1 Sam 18

         2.   Embodiment of Fear- Hate - Guilt - Inferiority complex - Anxiety.

         3.   "We are dominated by everything with which OURSELF becomes identified.

                ("We can dominate and control everything from which we disidentify ourselves"

                   by Roberto Assagioli  in "Psychosynthesis" )

         4.   " Attacks from the unconscious"

                "Psychoanalysis has demonstrated that the power of these images and complexes lies chiefly in the fact that we are unconscious of them, that we do not recognise them as such"

II. E + E + E = CURE

First 'E'       = Positive Emotion

Second 'E'  = Positive Energy

Third 'E'       = Positive Empowerment (Embodiment)

   1. Basic Positive Emotions

                 -  Love

              -  Acceptance

              -  Security

              -  Respect

   2.  "Emotions are both experientially and philosophically associated with

           *Drive     * Liveliness    and   * Motivation

         Therefore it is natural that they are taken to be the clearest examples of intrapsychic manifestation of universal energy. -  Gerald. G.May, D.D. "Will and Spirit".

   3.   The components of emotion

                   * Knowledge through five senses

                   * Ideas

                   * Feeling tone or affects


  From Evolution-Ref :  Teilhard De Chardin

     1. "Elementary human energy : The human nucleus"

             "The always increasing portion of cosmic energy at present undergoing the recognisable influence of the centers of human activity".

     2. This hominized energy appears in three forms.

              a) Incorporated energy

              b) Controlled energy

              c) Spiritualized energy

     3.  Total human energy

              -  The Noosphere

              -  Ideas

              -  Affections

     4.  Cosmic energy and entropy

     5.  Life's Task

               "The establishment on earth of a higher form of consciousness, a state of personality

     6.  The energy of personalization

     7.  Energy of Love.


      Will Power

       1.  "Energy - Dynamic power - Intensity

      2.  Mastery - Control - Discipline

      3.  Concentration - One pointedness - Attention

      4.  Determination - Resoluteness - Promptness

      5.  Persistence - Endurance - Patience

      6.  Initiative - Courage - Daring

      7.  Organization - Integration - Synthesis

             by  Roberto Assagioli in "The Act of Will".