Fighting Cancer Thro' the Integration of the Person- Body, Mind & Spirit - PNEUMO PSYCHOSOMATIC. "THE PHILOSOPHY OF CANCER IS SATANIC" says Dr.WILLIAM STANDISH REED,M.D.,  



                 These are the true stories where roses blossomed from thorns ; sorrows turned into joy; oasis formed from desserts; frustrations turned to hopefulness and so on......

Blossom - 1

                 She is an young girl from Srilanka, who was suffering from cancer in her knees. The affected area is swollen to a football size. When she approached the centre for counselling, the actual cause for the cancer was brought out by one-to-one dialogue.

                 The reason beyond the suffering is that, she is living with her mother and step-father. She is treated as symbol of degradation. At one instance she was kicked by her step-father in the same  knee where she was affected by cancer now. She developed a strong anger & hatred towards her step-father. The stagnated negative emotions, resulted in cancer.

                 She was requested to forgive her step-father. But she refused, stating that 'he is not my father and I need not forgive him.' However, she was counselled to pray and forgive her father. Atlast she has accepted to forgive. 

                 When she came the next day, she told about a dream she had the previous night. In which she had been digging a clay pit. Suddenly the water level raised and she was drawn into the pit upto her knee level. After struggling for some time, she was pushed out of the pit by a strong force from within her. The dream gave a clear picture of coming out of the problem. So she was again requested to continue her prayer before the Holy Eucharist. 

                 Exactly after an hour, she came with a miraculous change in her diseased knee. The swelling was reduced,  became so soft and also the swelling has shifted to her ankles. On continuing her prayer to forgive her step-father, by evening the swelling and pain has reached her forefinger of that leg. And finally it has vanished.

                 The next day she was accompanied by her astonished physician and a clear x-ray report.  The physician was about to ampute her leg from thighs. 

                 Forgiveness has not only saved her leg but her life too. She is still continuing her healthy life with a  positive attitude.

               More to be added...............